Smart Tail - Clever Filtering of Logfile Messages

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What the Program does

It prints the last lines of files...
... and outputs appended data as the files are growing.

... Like Unix-Tail BUT

- Prints to a textfield, stdout or file.
- New: Runs in "Grep" mode too. (Read files once and leave.)
- Runs with or without GUI (Graphical User Interface).
- Suspend and resume of single files or all files (at runtime).
- It has almost the same options as the classical Unix-Tail.
- New: Files in a ZIP-archive ("grep"-like mode only).

... AND... Filters the Output

- With Regular Expressions,
- "OR" and "AND" condition,
- Over more than one line,
- In between a time range (any format of timestamps/datestamps).
- "Dynamical" Search: Search expressions are appended at runtime.
- Provides a regular expression assistant/wizzard.

... Shows a Search Statistic

A table shows how often a search expression was found and where it was found.

... Monitors the Status of all Tails (Files)

Shows the status of every single file, e.g. "Found", "Tailing", "Retry",...
Every single file can be suspended and resumed.