Smart Tail - Clever Filtering of Logfile Messages

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Many features are identical with the classical Unix-Tail. Smart Tail has a graphical user interface (GUI) but can be used without one too.

New: A "Regular Expression Assistant" (see screenshots). It helps to create and test regular expressions (search expressions). Furthermore it comes with a tutorial, a reference and other help texts. It is a kind of regular expression wizzard.

New: Files in ZIP-archives (only "grep"-like).

New: A "Statistics Table" (see screenshots). It shows what was found how often and where it was found.

Choosing the Files to be filtered

- Single Files including ZIP-archives.
- Files of a directory.
- A filter for files added by a directory.
- Removing single files.
- Removing all files.
- Extraction of files that printed something (search filtered something out)

Search Options

- Regular Expressions.
- "OR" condition, ok this is a simple "|". At least one expression must be found.
- "AND" condition. All expressions must be found.
- Over more than one line.
- Search between timestamps / datestamps (can handle any format).
- "Dynamical" Search: Special tails can append new search expressions to "ordinary" running tails. This feature is especially usefull if don't you know some search expressions in advance (befor starting the tail process.)

Classical (Unix-) Tail Options

- "--retry"... Retry if a file was not found. See (Unix-) Tail option.
- "-n"... The last n lines to be displayed. See (Unix-) Tail option.
- "-s"... The time intervall the program uses to look for new lines that where appended to the files. See (Unix-) Tail option.
- "-q"... The quiet option. Show file headers or not. See (Unix-) Tail option.
- "--follow=filename"... The program follows a file if it is renamed as long as a file ("filename") with the original old name is discovered.

Non (Unix-) Tail conform Options

- Mixed Output... All files write their messages immediatly (not one file after another).
- Timestamp... Can be appended for every single message of a file in mixed output or in the classical file header.


- "Suspend" / "Resume" of all tails or single tails.
- "Search" / "Search Again" in text field of main window.
- Status window for monitoring the status of every single tail: "Found", "Not Found", "Retry", "Tailing Queueing", "Tailing Writing","Tailing" (mixed output), "Error".
- Displays regular expressions as Tooltip in status window. Especially usefull for dynamically appended regular Expressions.
- Status line in main window including progress bar.
- Writes configurations to files or loads them from file.
- Statistics Table showing what was found where and how often.

Output to..

- A text field in the main window.
- Standard output (without GUI). - A file (rolling file appender). Example: If the file becomes greater than 10 MB it is moved and renamed to a file containing the index "1". If it reaches the 10 MB line again it is moved and renamed to a file containing the index "2" and so on.

Dynamically appended search expression

- Some special tails don't output anything. They append new search expressions to (already) running "ordinary" tails.